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Transform your real estate operations with Lease Admin Consulting's comprehensive outsourcing solutions. From lease abstraction to CAM reconciliation and property accounting, our expertise and cutting-edge technology help streamline processes and drive cost savings. Discover tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs and propel your business forward.
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CAM Reconciliation

Get Paid For Your Expenses!

Ensuring your expenses are clearly categorized and billed to the tenants as per the lease terms. We are committed to providing you with an automated CAM reconciliation template.



⇒   Always categorize & sub-categories your key expense items while tracking them in property management software.

⇒   Keep your tax, utilities, and other expense invoices organized in folders.

⇒   Clearly define exclusions and inclusions of OPEX in a Lease or lease abstract.

⇒   Clearly define the type of lease (N/NN/NNN/Modified Gross/Gross) in a Lease or lease abstract.

⇒   Track if the landlord has the right to the grossing of OPEX or not.