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Lease Admin Consulting Inc. specializes in lease management and property management automation in Canada. Optimize your portfolio with our expert services.
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Revolutionizing Lease Administration with

cutting-edge AI solution.


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Empowering acquisitions and mortgage services through

robust AM support


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Unlock data insights and innovation with our

proptech solutions


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Prudent Property

aligning with lease
accounting principles


Empowering Organizations, Inspiring Excellence


Our vision is to be the premier real estate consulting partner, renowned for fostering sustainable success and innovation.

Choose Certainty, Choose Us.


Successfully completed 1000+ Commercial Real Estate projects so far. Tailored support for Property Management, Residential and Corporate Real Estate with 20+ years of real estate expertise.

Discover the power of Generative AI Lease Abstraction.

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Overseeing the comprehensive management and optimization of lease portfolios, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance for businesses.

  • Efficiently extracting and summarizing critical information.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including AI and automation.
  • Implementing robust data management systems.
  • Vigilantly monitoring and managing critical dates.
  • Strategically analyzing lease portfolios.
  • Adherence to terms, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.
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Our meticulous approach encompasses compliance with accounting regulations, transparent financial reporting, and strategic cost management

  • Conducting thorough lease audits to ensure accurate CAM expense billing.
  • Implementing robust expense tracking process, facilitating financial reporting.
  • Bookkeeping, Bank Reconciliation, CAM Recovery Reconciliations & Set-up.
  • Accurate budget forecasts based on historical data and industry trends.
  • Facilitating the transition from one property management system to another.
  • Residential condominium financial analysis & reporting.
  • Yardi custom report writing.
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✓ Yardi Voyager


✓ IBM Tririga

✓ Argus

✓ Yardi Breeze

✓ Appfolio

✓ Buildium

✓ QuickBooks

Enabling you to enhance decision-making with informed, data-driven insights across the acquisition, due diligence, and mortgage processes within the real estate industry through the utilization of Argus.

  • Assess the feasibility and potential returns of acquiring a new property.
  • Detailed property analysis, including income and expense projections.
  • Stress testing mortgage scenarios to evaluate the resilience of the investment.
  • Centralize and manage property-related data.
  • Comprehensive reports and financial statements for stakeholders.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Optimizing portfolio performance and enhancing overall asset value.
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Pioneering the future of real estate management through innovative PropTech and AI solutions.

  • Optimize transaction workflow seamlessly using an IWMS solution.
  • Simplify lease tracking, compliance, and administration through automation.
  • Leverage blockchain for transparent and secure property transactions.
  • Utilize AI-driven maintenance to predict and prevent equipment failures.
  • Automate property accounting processes to enhance financial transparency.
  • Enable remote property management through Proptech, offering real-time insights and control from anywhere.
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Customer Excellence

Strong customer-centric approach fostering trust, satisfaction, and long-term partnership.

CRE Business Acumen

Deep understanding of industry intricacies, ability to offer strategic insights for optimizing processes.

  • Data Security: Safeguarding information.
  • Continuous Improvement: Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Scalability: For evolving business demands.
  • Technology: Integrating innovative solutions.
  • Savings: Leveraging lower labor costs.
  • Experience: Knowledge & Adaptability.
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Driving global excellence through empowerment and innovation

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The Lease Admin team is very professional and reliable. Working with the team has been a real pleasure every time. I know i can count on them for a quick turnaround. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in need of lease administration services.

Christy Mickel
Senior Property Manager
Avison Young

Path 6352

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