About Us - Lease Admin Consulting
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Building The Ecosystem

Our people are building a product ecosystem with the help of technology keeping your needs in mind and to make you succeed.

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Our Vision

Our Story

We are a scalable team of Real Estate professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry. At Lease Admin, our mission is to provide Quality, Standardization, and Speed in every product we design for our customers.


While working, we realized that there are many opportunities to bring efficiency to business with the help of technology. Our objective is to create a product ecosystem by providing End-2-End solutions primarily in the real estate sector by standardizing the way solutions have been delivered. We want to become a catalyst for your business growth by deploying the best products and services; ensuring you reach the next level.


Contact us to discuss how we can help grow your business by effectively managing your real estate portfolio.

Expand your mind, make a change


At Lease Admin, we use LEAN principles to help our clients improve their current state of the process. We collect NPS scores on quarterly basis to improve and ensure customer excellence. We promise our clients to complete their time-sensitive projects with higher efficiency using our scalable pool of resources within mutually agreed reasonable timelines. Our clients are our business partners and we succeed with them.