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Real Estate Site Selection Scorecard

About This Project


Effective project planning is essential for achieving success in any endeavour. It serves as the initial step in the Project Management Process, setting the course of action for subsequent project phases.


Lack of proper planning is a common reason behind project failures. Therefore, dedicating a significant amount of time to thorough planning is crucial for making informed and strategic decisions. While there is no definitive rule, it is recommended to allocate up to 20% of the overall project timeline to planning, ensuring the smooth execution of the remaining 80%.


Within the planning process, making informed decisions based on factual information is vital. Relying solely on intuition or gut feelings can lead to unfavourable outcomes. In the realm of commercial real estate, for instance, site selection decisions are often driven by location but fail to consider the significance of each relevant metric.


Drawing on our extensive experience and research, we have developed the Site Selection Scorecard—a valuable decision-making tool. This scorecard enables you to make informed choices when selecting real estate sites, relying on factual data rather than intuition.


The Site Selection Scorecard allows you to:

Identify the metrics that are critical for your decision-making process.

Assign appropriate weights to each parameter.

Evaluate and rate each parameter based on a comprehensive review.


By considering your metric weights and ratings, the scorecard provides valuable insights to guide your decision on whether to proceed or explore alternative options.


To gain access to the scorecard, simply click on the Contact Us button or send a request to We will promptly email you the scorecard to support your decision-making process.