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Transform your real estate operations with Lease Admin Consulting's comprehensive outsourcing solutions. From lease abstraction to CAM reconciliation and property accounting, our expertise and cutting-edge AI technology help streamline processes and drive cost savings. Discover tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs and propel your business forward.
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Lease Administration

Managing E2E of a Lease Life Cycle!

We organize, collaborate, comply, standardize, and analyze ensuring an effective lease management process providing full control over data and tracking critical activities.

Lease Administration Is Not An Option, It’s A Need!

How Lease Administration Can Make Your Business Successful.

We organize your lease data, track critical dates, manage lease notices, prepare rent rolls, and other portfolio reporting.

We collaborate with your cross-functional teams ensuring they are informed of a smoother workflow.

We comply and stay updated with Lease Accounting Principles ensuring no knowledge gaps. We want to be your reliable advisors.

We prepare SOPs & deliver process documents, so the knowledge can be easily transferred when required.

Analytics is in our DNA. We understand numbers are the foundation of any decision-making process, therefore we provide you with 360 views of your portfolio, so you can make informed decisions.



Why we need Lease Administration?

Centralization of Lease Portfolio.

 Better tracking of critical dates.

 Keeping lower occupancy cost.

 Preparing Rent Rolls and other portfolio reporting.