Property Accounting and Finance Services in US, Canada and India
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Property Accounting Solutions

Comprehensive Property Accounting Solutions for Modern Real Estate Management

At Lease Admin Consulting, we provide advanced property accounting solutions tailored to meet the needs of real estate professionals across North America. Our suite of services is designed to streamline your financial operations, ensure compliance, and provide accurate financial insights for better decision-making.

Yardi | MRI | Appfolio| Buildium | Argus


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Work With Us!

Our Commercial Property Management solutions are customized to address the unique financial requirements of our clients, ensuring precision and efficiency in managing your property finances. 

Advanced Real Estate Tech Solutions

We ensure seamless integration and comprehensive financial management by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Expertise in Finance and Accounting Tech Solutions

We leverage the latest finance and accounting tech solutions to deliver top-tier property accounting services.


Comprehensive Property Management

Our solutions cover all aspects of property accounting, from lease administration and CAM reconciliation to financial reporting and tenant billing.

Certified Accountants

Our team includes certified accountants who ensure your financial operations are accurate, compliant, and optimized for efficiency.

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We cover all aspects of property accounting, including Accounts Payable and Receivable (AP/AR), budgeting, bank account reconciliation, financial reporting, mortgage payment management, fixed asset reporting, and comprehensive lease administration, ensuring precise and efficient financial operations.

Our Property Accounting Services: Precision for Your Success

Lease Administration

  • Streamline your lease management processes with our advanced lease management solutions. We ensure all lease terms, critical dates, and financial obligations are accurately tracked and managed.

Real Estate Property Management

  • Our property management solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing comprehensive tools for managing properties, tenants, and maintenance activities.

CAM Reconciliation

  • Simplify the complex process of CAM reconciliation with our technology-driven solutions, ensuring accurate allocation and billing of common area maintenance charges.

Lease Abstraction Services

  • Our lease abstraction services utilize advanced software to extract and manage key lease data, providing you with clear and concise lease abstracts for better decision-making.

Property Asset Management

  • Optimize your property assets with our real estate management tech solutions designed to enhance asset performance, monitor key metrics, and streamline operations.

Advanced Tech Solutions

  • Yardi Breeze: A user-friendly property management software designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
  • MRI: Comprehensive real estate management software that offers flexible solutions for managing your property portfolio.
  • Yardi Voyager: A robust platform for managing end-to-end real estate operations, from leasing and accounting to resident services and maintenance.
  • Appfolio:An all-in-one property management software that simplifies workflows and improves communication with tenants.
  • Buildium: A powerful property management solution that helps you manage rental properties, handle accounting, and communicate with tenants effectively.

Benefits of Our Property Accounting Solutions

Enhanced Accuracy

Ensure precise financial management and reporting, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing decision-making.


Foster better communication with tenants and stakeholders through transparent and accessible financial information.

Improved Efficiency

Automate routine financial tasks, saving time and reducing operational costs.


Ensure compliance with all relevant financial regulations and lease terms, avoiding potential legal issues.

Basic Insights

Gain valuable insights into your property’s financial performance with advanced analytics and reporting tools.

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Partner with Us

If you’re looking for property management outsourcing in US or Canada, partner with Lease Admin Consulting. Our expertise and advanced technology solutions will help you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our Proptech Solutions can benefit your property management operations.

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Lease Administration Services:

Comprehensive lease administration to optimize your lease management.

CAM Reconciliation Services:

Accurate and transparent CAM reconciliation to manage common area maintenance charges.

Bookkeeping Solutions:

At Lease Admin Consulting, we offer professional bookkeeping services designed to meet the needs of businesses across various industries, including real estate, retail, hospitality, and more.